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2019 NBA Draft: Who the mock drafts believe the Wizards will pick at No. 9

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Let’s take a look at several mock drafts from around the internet to see who they believe the Wizards will pick.

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2019 NBA Draft - Media Availability
Sekou Doumbouya looks like a rough consensus as the Wizards’ next first round pick. Magnifique!
Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Alright, the big day is here! Today, we will find out which player the Wizards will pick with the ninth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Here are the selections:

There are a lot more mock drafts out there, and the Wizards’ official site has more of them. But it appears that Doumbouya is more or less the consensus pick. If so, it’s time to play the top song in France. It’s “Tricheur (Cheater)” by French rapper Nekfeu featuring Belgian rapper Damso. (You may need YouTube Premium to listen).

Quelle belle chanson!

Allez Wizards!