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NBA Draft Lottery 2019: Raul Fernandez to represent Wizards

The Monumental Sports & Entertainment Vice Chairman will represent Washington on the stage as the Wizards find out where their first round pick will be.

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Raul Fernandez will represent the Wizards in the NBA Draft Lottery.
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for SemSem

The next main event for the Wizards in their 2019 offseason will be the NBA Draft Lottery. They will bring Monumental Sports & Entertainment Vice Chairman Raul Fernandez as their representative to sit at the stage.

Fernandez is known as a D.C. area technology executive, where he founded Proxicom. He also invests in other technology companies and serves on several philanthropic boards. Proxicom was bought out by Dimension Data, a South African company in 2001. He also was the Chairman and CEO for ObjectVideo which McLean, Va.-based acquired in 2017.

The NBA Draft Lottery will be on ESPN at 8:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 14. Washington has a 9 percent chance of winning the first overall pick.