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Bradley Beal made 260 three pointers in 18 minutes

A tweet on Tuesday, May 28 shows the Wizards guard drain three after three.

Bradley Beal did not make the All-NBA Team and will not earn a supermax salary extension that starts in the 2021-22 season. Though he never said anything publicly about it, Beal is more concerned about doing the best he can next season.

To that end, he worked on his three point shooting and made 260 threes in just 18 minutes according to The Render. 260 threes is a lot of shots. We’re talking about making 14.4 threes a minute or ONE THREE EVERY 4.15 SECONDS! Shooting one three in a vacuum takes some effort. Shooting and making 260 threes in 18 minutes has GOT to be a tiring workout!

Here’s a clip of the Panda working on his form below.

Beal has certainly been known as one of the NBA’s sharpshooters, but he wasn’t exactly in top form last season, at least behind the arc. In the 2018-19 saason, he made a career-low 35.1 percent of his shots from long range. Yes, Beal still made 209 threes which were the second-most quantity-wise in his career. But at the same time, Beal would like to be more efficient at his craft.

It remains to be seen where Beal fits in the Wizards’ long-term plans. But regardless, it’s good to see him get to work in the summer right after an otherwise glum 2018-19 NBA season.