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NBA draft lottery 2019 Open Thread: Start time, TV channel, and how to watch online

Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

2019 NBA Draft Lottery Key Info

When: Tuesday, May 14 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time
Where: Chicago, Illinois
TV and streaming: ESPN

What are the odds of the Wizards getting each pick?

The Wizards enter the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery with the sixth-best odds, and thanks to draft lottery reforms that have been put into place this year, they actually have a better chance of getting a higher pick than they did in previous years. The league now draws for the first four picks instead of the first three, and the odds are distributed more evenly through the field than before.

Here are the Wizards chances at each of the top ten picks in this year's draft.

  • 1st: 9.0 percent
  • 2nd: 9.2 percent
  • 3rd: 9.4 percent
  • 4th: 9.6 percent
  • 5th: Washington can’t move into fifth since the league only draws for the top four teams.
  • 6th: 8.6 percent
  • 7th: 29.6 percent
  • 8th: 20.6 percent
  • 9th: 3.8 percent
  • 10th: 0.2 percent

Who is representing the Wizards at the draft lottery?

Monumental Sports & Entertainment Vice Chairman Raul Fernandez.

Who will the Wizards select if they get the first overall pick?

Zion Williamson. He’s very, very good.

How will Wizards fans react if they get the first overall pick?

Something like this.