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Bradley Beal is amused after Nuggets fans heckle him

After the Wizards’ win on March 31 against the Nuggets, Beal reacted to some fans who said he “sucked.”

NBA fans can sit very close to the players in each and every game. Even if you don’t buy courtside tickets, there’s a good chance that players can hear what you say if you’re not too far away from them. Fans can often heckle the opposing team to throw players off their game. And sometimes, things can be confrontational like when Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook got in a profane exchange with a Jazz fan who was banned on March 12 over it.

Like any other team, the Wizards aren’t immune to heckling from fans. On Sunday, March 31, the Wizards beat the Nuggets 95-90 to finish their last long road trip of the season. After the win, Bradley Beal was told by some Denver fans that he sucked while walking toward the locker room. Instead of cussing out the fans, he gave an amused look. Check out this video from Alex Burness of the Colorado Independent.

This season certainly hasn’t been the best for the Wizards. But this is certainly a positive moment in the last week that we just haven’t talked much about given that President of Basketball Operations Ernie Grunfeld was fired earlier this week.