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Should we be worried that the Wizards haven’t filled their general manager vacancy yet?

Is Tommy Sheppard the guy or is the team quietly doing its due diligence?

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Washington Wizards
Ted Leonsis has taken his time during the Wizards’ search for a new general manager.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards have been without a General Manager for nearly a month since Ernie Grunfeld was fired on April 2. Though there are some people who are reportedly targets like Mike Zarren and Tim Connelly, the team has just been silent.

To be clear, teams generally do not put out a press release until the move is official. But even then, there aren’t any reports of the Wizards interviewing candidates. Tommy Sheppard is the only person who apparently has.

So are the Wizards just asleep at the wheel? Probably not. The Wizards’ GM or President of Basketball Operations position is one of 30 in the NBA. There will certainly be no shortage of people who would like the job, even if the team doesn’t project to be a contender for awhile.

Also, Washington doesn’t seem to be a team that is consistently mentioned with “insider leaks” that Adrian Wojnarowski is known for putting out in tweets. Maybe the Wizards and the people they are interested in are just very good at keeping quiet until a release is made.

The other possibility is that Sheppard is the new President of Basketball Operations and an announcement will come shortly.

Should fans be worried that the Wizards have remained tight lipped about finding Grunfeld’s replacement? For now, probably not. The position hasn’t been vacant for a month yet and the regular season ended just a couple weeks ago. Also, some targets may be working for a team that’s still playing in the postseason. An announcement will come sooner or later so we shouldn’t be impatient at this point.