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John Wall is confident he can return to All-Star form after injury, says he would “probably lose it” if Wizards trade him in interview

The Wizards guard spoke with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports this week on a wide range of topics.

Here is the full interview between Chris Haynes and John Wall.

UPDATE: The full interview of John Wall and Chris Haynes is available on YouTube (h/t to BF Community Member Jormond Wall). The original article is below with minor editing to reflect the change.

John Wall spoke on Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes’ latest episode of “Posted Up.” You can watch an abbreviated but significant portion of the interview here.

In the episode, one of Wall’s most notable sound bites was how he would react if the Wizards traded him. He begins a four-year $170 million supermax contract extension next season. Wall is also recovering from a ruptured left Achilles tendon. Wall said he would “probably lose it” and went to say that he spent 10 years in Washington which would contribute to that. For now, however, Wall is probably not getting traded.

If you’re wondering whether Wall believes he can return to his pre-injury form, he strongly believes so and uses DeMarcus Cousins as someone he will look to for that. And he even talked about his own college recruitment process before his lone college basketball season for Kentucky in 2009-10.

Wall also talked about his relationship with Bradley Beal, and they aren’t enemies. And another top priority is to graduate from Kentucky.

Finally, let’s get to the beginning of the interview since Wall has been known as a family man where he was asked about his mother and her current battle with cancer. She is currently in chemotherapy and recovering.