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Top Stories of the Week: Bradley Beal has a strong February. The Wizards? Not so much.

The Wizards are gradually falling out of the playoff picture. And yet, the Wizards will probably not have much to show for it.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal has really come into his own with the Washington Wizards in February.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It has now been two weeks since the All-Star Break ended. So let’s check in with the Wizards and see where things stand.

The Wizards are effectively out of the playoff picture and a front office change may be on the horizon?

So let’s start with the bad news.

The Wizards are 11th in the Eastern Conference with a 25-37 record. They are four games behind the Charlotte Hornets for the eighth seed. Here’s something that’s even more troubling to the division as a whole. It’s possible that the Southeast Division winner may not make the playoffs in future seasons.

Since the 8th through 12th place teams are all from the Southeast Division, it’s practically impossible to find them totally locked out. But none of the teams in the division figure to be contenders in the next couple years so this is a real possibility. To just show how bad the division is, Jared Dubin of FiveThirtyEight had some statistical analysis on how bad the conference is from top to bottom for most of the last decade, Miami “Heatles” Era aside.

The Wizards will play the Timberwolves on Sunday at 6 p.m. ET.

From here, things get a little bit brighter. WUSA-TV’s Mike Wise interviewed owner Ted Leonsis on sports betting and the Capital One Arena and also about Ernie Grunfeld’s future as their President of Basketball Operations. He sounded non-committal given that Washington will probably not meet any of their goals whether it’s a 50-win season or marking the playoffs.

Grunfeld has certainly helped the Wizards improve from terrible to a middle of the pack type of team in the last 16 years. But he only has one division championship in a weak division under his belt and some pretty bad draft classes in the John Wall Era. At some point, it’s time for a change.

Bradley Beal has his best month ever

Beal averaged 30.9 points, 6.8 assists and 4.7 rebounds in February. The Wizards went 3-7 in February but Beal has otherwise put up big numbers. Beal also shot 52.4 percent from the field overall and has developed into one of the Eastern Conference’s best guards. Unfortunately, the Wizards don’t have much to show for his efforts, Let’s just enjoy Beal’s performances as much as we can for the rest of the season.

The Wizards keep their season ticket prices the same for 2019-20

Last week, the Wizards finally sent out their invoices for season ticket renewals. The good news is that prices will not increase next season and existing season ticket holders can make their ticket selling plans for the playoffs.

However, it remains to be seen how high renewal rates will be considering that John Wall will miss most or all of next season, that his and Ian Mahinmi’s salaries will take up half of the Wizards’ cap space and the Wizards still want to commit to most of their veteran players.

That’s all I have. Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone.