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Watch Bradley Beal’s 32 point performance and third quarter explosion against the Lakers

The Wizards guard continued to shine despite his team losing on the road to the Lakers.

Bradley Beal had an excellent performance against the Lakers on Wednesday.

On Monday night, the Wizards lost to the Lakers, 124-106 on the road. The loss caps off another disappointing result for Washington, though at this point, a loss is really a win when it comes to the NBA Draft.

Don’t tell that to Bradley Beal, though. He scored 32 points, including 17 Wizards points in the third quarter of the game. He ultimately shot 10-of-17 from the floor and also added 5 rebounds in the game.

Beal is having a spectacular March where is averaging 26.9 points and 6.3 assists per game. It is disappointing that this season is effectively a “wasted year” when it comes to Beal leading Washington in a deep playoff run. That said the Wizards have a lot of front office and player injury issues to deal with over the next couple years at the very least.

I’m not entirely sure whether Beal will still be with the Wizards over the course of the next couple years. So I will enjoy performances like this when they last and hope he can play like this again tonight against the Suns.