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It’s a shame the Wizards couldn’t do more with Jeff Green this season

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Green has been one of the NBA’s biggest enigmas throughout his career, and this season might take the cake. He’s been the poster boy for inconsistency throughout his career, and yet, when he finally pulls it all together with arguably the most consistent, efficient season of his career, he’s surrounded by chaos, inconsistency, and ineptitude.

When the Wizards signed him over the summer, most were hoping he could bring 90 percent of what Mike Scott provided after he signed with the Clippers. Instead, Green has actually outplayed Scott in almost every area this season. Green is scoring more, has a better true shooting percentage, and is rebounding better than Scott has with the Clippers and 76ers this season. In fact, he’s even outperforming a lot of what Scott did in Washington last season, all while giving the team some much needed positional versatility to offset some of the losses the team endured this season.

When the book is finally closed on the Wizards’ 2018-19 season, Green will likely go down having played the second-most minutes, scoring the second-most points, making the second-most 3-pointers, and finishing third in rebounds and steals, all while posting a lower usage rate than Trevor Ariza and Otto Porter. And for whatever it’s worth, he’s probably going to go down having made the most highlight plays other than Beal this season. Just imagine how much less enjoyable this season would have been without these beautiful jams.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Green finally proved players from the DMV can excel while playing close to home. Hopefully soon the Wizards can make it a place where others can prosper as well.