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Bobby Portis made a great first impression in his Wizards debut

What beef with Tomas Satoransky?

On today’s weekend edition of Daily Digits, the magic number is:


That is the number of points Bobby Portis scored in his Wizards debut last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Portis wasn’t just efficient shooting the basketball where he went 12-of-18 from the field and 4-of-6 from the three-point line. Portis added 6 rebounds and 2 assists in an all-around strong performance off the bench.

You can watch highlights of Portis’ debut in the video above.

There is something else amazing about Portis’ performance as well. He just became the first NBA player to score 30 or more points in back-to-back games he played while playing for different teams. Portis scored 33 points against the Charlotte Hornets on Feb. 2 for the Chicago Bulls.

Tonight, Portis has a chance to extend that streak, coincidentally against the Bulls. Many Wizards fans thought of him as “cap filler” or the guy who once knocked down Tomas Satoransky mid-air before Friday.

But some players get redemption with the Wizards’ fan base like Drew Gooden, who once hated the idea of coming to D.C. in 2010, only to find himself as a cheered member of the “AARP Unit” off the bench four years later. Maybe, just maybe, Bobby Portis could also be part of that club.