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Wizards at Bucks GameThread

The Wizards play in Milwaukee one last time.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards
Jason Smith and the Bucks are in Washington tonight.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards play the Milwaukee Bucks tonight. NBC Sports Washington has the game on TV locally. ESPN has it nationally. Federal News Radio 1500 AM has it on radio. And you can stream it on the Wizards mobile app.

As we all know, this is the last game before the NBA Trade Deadline tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET. Anything can happen between now and then, but we shouldn’t keep our hopes up on a big trade.

Anyways, the Wizards just played the Bucks last Saturday and lost big time. Even if Washington somehow got to the playoffs, they are probably not getting past the first round against the Bucks who lead the Eastern Conference.

For this game, I’m just hoping that the Wizards look competent while they are on the floor. They may be overmatched at times, but the reasons behind that have more to do with the front office than they do with the players.

We shall see what happens. Go Wizards.