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The Wizards had their best rebounding performance of the season in Brooklyn

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards picked up one of their most impressive wins of the season on Wednesday, and just like their other big win on the road this season in Oklahoma City, it involved a surprising dominance on the glass. Washington won the rebounding battle 57-41 on Wednesday, thanks in part to 17 offensive rebounds, including 5 from Jabari Parker, 4 from Troy Brown Jr., and 3 each from Bobby Portis and Trevor Ariza. They grabbed 57.4 percent of all the rebounding chances in the game, which is the most they’ve grabbed in a game this season.

Rebounding continues to be a great predictor of the team’s success. The Wizards are 15-2 this season when they win or tie the rebounding battle. They are 10-34 when they lose the rebounding battle.

The good news for Washington is their rebounding has improved since their moves at the deadline. Unfortunately, they haven’t improved enough to change many results. They grabbed 46.6 percent of rebounding opportunities before the trades. They’ve grabbed 47.8 percent since the moves, so they’ve gotten better, but they’re still not at a point where they’re consistently outrebounding opponents.

One spot for hope could be the Wizards’ new starting lineup. The five-man lineup of Tomas Satoransky, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, Jeff Green, and Bobby Portis has pulled in 51.1 percent of all rebounds in the 49 minutes they’ve played together. No Wizards lineup that’s played at least 50 minutes together has done that well on the glass. If that unit can keep those numbers up with more time together, it could put them in a better position to win games down the stretch.