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You can buy a Rosebar Lounge-themed John Wall jersey to fight cancer

The Rosebar jersey costs $249.99 each from Goonmilk. But they aren’t for profit and available for a limited time.

Rosebar John Wall jerseys are available. But they are also being sold for charity. (Video by Avante Davis, Goonmilk)

John Wall hasn’t had the best 2018-19 NBA season. He suffered multiple heel injuries and may sit out the entire 2019-20 season while he recovers from a ruptured or torn Achilles tendon. Wall’s mother Frances Pulley also has cancer.

As Washington Post reporter Candace Buckner noted in the above tweet, Wall has some positive news in his life because he now has a son named Ace. But before we knew he would be a father, Wall was accused of frequenting Rosebar Lounge near DuPont Circle too much and looking “out of it” while frequenting there. And Wall was unapologetic about being a regular at Rosebar in a video that doesn’t put him in a good light.

But oddly enough, I think that story also helps shed a bad perception Washington, D.C. has. Most politicians and Americans outside of the D.C. area think our city is just a haven for political wonks and lobbyists on K Street Northwest. Basically, the American capital is “boring” and the “source of everyone’s bureaucratic problems” like many Europeans do when they think of places like Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the European Union; The Hague, the seat of government in the Netherlands and the United Nations’ International Court of Justice; and Luxembourg City, the home of the European Union’s Court of Justice and Court of Auditors.

Of course, these stereotypes about the European cities are overblown. The negative stereotypes about the American capital are also overblown. Washington has plenty of ”things to do” and one of the best foodie scenes in THE WORLD. But I digress.

Goonmilk, a graphic design and branding company, has also made the most out of a negative situation around Wall’s injuries and what he does in his free time. A Rosebar-themed Wall jersey is now available for purchase in limited quantities.

On the one hand, the optics here don’t look great because Wall was accused of clubbing too much. But Wall actually found a photoshopped Rosebar Wizards jersey funny. So he won’t mind that these jerseys are now real. But also, Goonmilk is selling these jerseys for $249.99 each. Is the company just trying to capitalize on the infamy?

Quite the opposite actually.

Goonmilk is donating all the proceeds to a cancer oriented charity. On the homepage, Creative Director and CEO Avante “Boooogie” Davis wrote that like Wall, his mother survived two bouts of cancer. Furthermore, it was his way of showing support to Wall who was the 2015-16 NBA Cares Community Assist Award winner. A tribute video to Wall is embedded above.

It’s unlikely that Rosebar will ever be able to afford a marquee sponsorship with the Wizards. That day’s coming sooner rather than later. But the jerseys are ultimately for a good cause. They also give a glimpse into what an NBA jersey may look like in the near future now that many teams have shoulder patch ads already.