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Wizards at Hornets GameThread

Can you believe it? Over one week has passed since the Wizards were in a regular season game!

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Washington Wizards
Tomas Satoransky and the Washington Wizards play the Charlotte Hornets tonight
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards play the Hornets on Friday night at 7 p.m. ET. You can watch the game on NBC Sports Washington or listen to it on Federal News Radio 1500 AM or the Wizards’ mobile app.

Washington hasn’t played in over a week since the NBA All-Star Game. So I don’t know exactly what to expect out of Washington. Will they still be in quasi vacation mode or ready to finish the season on a strong note, even though winning is kind of like losing at this point?

The biggest news of the last week was that Tomas Satoransky officially became a father sometime in the last week. He and his wife Anna had their first child, Sofia. I don’t see any pictures of Sato’s daughter just yet. But they are sure to get out on the interwebs sooner or later. Furthermore, I’m not sure whether Sofia was born in the United States or the Czech Republic. Sofia would obviously be a Czech citizen because of her da and mom, but if she were born in America, then she’s also an American.

Anyway, that’s all the small talk I have. Go Wizards.