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Check out Bradley Beal’s five dogs before D.C.’s next snowstorm!

It’s about to snow. So let’s check out Bradley Beal’s canine family.

Wizards guard Bradley Beal doesn’t just have a son. He also has five dogs as part of his family.
Bradley Beal Instagram / Ballers x Fur Babies

The Wizards are in the middle of All-Star Break and they won’t play again until this Friday. Bradley Beal had a decent showing last Sunday at the NBA All-Star Game helping Team LeBron come back to a 178-164 victory in Charlotte, N.C.

There’s a side of me that thinks that Beal can just stay in Charlotte until Saturday. After all, the Wizards are playing the Hornets on the road. But Beal now has a family. He and his girlfriend Kamiah Adams have a son, Bradley Beal, II together. Perhaps he will be a nuclear scientist or a renowned history professor. Or maybe “Deuce” will be an athlete who plays for Belgium instead of the United States. Either way, coming back home to one’s children is the right thing to do.

But Beal is the proud father of more than one son. He also owns five dogs. Check this out below, if you haven’t already.

Sure, Brad has the money to pay for dog sitters and walkers. But pets are treated just like family at every household. There’s no doubt in my mind that Beal is thinking about his five canines each and every day!

Assuming Beal is home in the D.C. area, he will have plenty of time to hang out with Deuce. Kamiah and his five pets. The area is under a Winter Storm Warning on Wednesday when the Washington area could receive close to six inches of snow before there is additional ice accumulation in the evening. Eventually, it is expected to rain.

It looks like our local weather teams are going to work round the clock to make sure we stay safe! Now if only I could give all of our TV meteorologists an #NBAVOTE.

And I didn’t forget about Pat Collins’ snow stick on NBC4, or WRC-TV for those of you who aren’t local. I remember his signature style when doing investigative reports or any pieces about the snow.

Here’s hoping that Beal and the rest of the Wizards are safe from the snow. And to all of our readers in the DMV, stay safe out there.