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The Wizards’ loss to the Pacers shows that they still have work to do

Despite a strong overall statistical performance, the Bradley Beal still wasn’t able to lead his team to victory. Is his shot regressing?

The Washington Wizards lost to the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night 121-106. Let’s take a look at the key stat from there and write a bit more on a topic that we knew all along.

Stat of the Game: 35-24

This stat refers to the number of assists the Pacers dished as a team compared with the Wizards. When a team is able to make more easy shots,

Bradley Beal is having a tougher than expected season shooting the three.

The star guard scored 30 points, but also shot 1-of-12 from the three-point line. The good news is that Beal is able to score points, especially when starting forwards Isaac Bonga and Rui Hachimura were scoreless. But Beal is still dealing with some inefficiency woes that aren’t helping things.

I want to give Beal the benefit of the doubt for now, but at some point, should we say that his three point shooting has regressed? After all, he took plenty of open threes and still missed them. Hopefully, we don’t see too many more of these types of nights.

Ultimately, this loss shows how much help the Wizards need

I fully expect this Wizards season to have many games where the Wizards show positive moments. But losses like last night’s against the Pacers to show what we anticipated all along. The Wizards still don’t have the talent and experience to compete consistently against teams in the Eastern Conference.

We shouldn’t be too pessimistic from this loss since the Pacers are expected to be a playoff caliber team. Hopefully the Wizards won’t play like this against teams that don’t expect to compete for much like the Cleveland Cavaliers this Friday.