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Rui Hachimura shares postgame thoughts after Wizards’ loss

The Washington Wizards rookie forward had an off game and that’s ok.

Rui Hachimura struggled in the Washington Wizards’ 131-109 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday night. The rookie forward scored 4 points and grabbed only a pair of rebounds, shooting just 2-of-11 from the field.

There’s no question about his talent or abilities as he’s already showed that he can contribute to this team. In the Wizards previous two games, Hachimura scored 23 against the Rockets and 16 against the Spurs.

Bradley Beal, who scored a team-high 30 points, wasn’t surprised about Hachimura having a tough game.

“He’s a rookie,” Beal said. “It’s not surprising. One thing I know, the greatest players, the best players out there, they have the shortest memory whether good or bad. When we wake up tomorrow, hopefully, he forgets about it, gets to work in practice and we go from there.”

Postgame, Hachimura talked about his team being ready, his veterans helping him and how the Wizards hope to keep Andre Drummond off the boards in their upcoming game against the Pistons on Monday. Watch his insights in the video above.