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Week 3 FanPulse results: Wizards fans are still confident in the team, want some changes to load management

Fan confidence is leveling out, but that was to be expected. As for NBA player load management, there are some competing schools of thought on the matter.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards
If a player can benefit from “load management,” it’s Bradley Beal!
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The Washington Wizards are 2-6, but they’ll have a chance to improve on that record tonight as they play the Boston Celtics at 7 p.m. ET. In the meantime, here are Week 3’s FanPulse results!

Wizards fans’ confidence dropped, but it’s still good

No surprises here.
SB Nation

The Wizards are the second worst team in the Eastern Conference. However, they still have played rather well once you take their season into context. They have played many opponents closely, including the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

However, the Wizards are also coming off a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday. That wasn’t considered in last week’s FanPulse pool. After such a game to another team expected to be in the lottery, that dropped your confidence in the team, but not enough to a point where most fans start calling for Scott Brooks’ firing. At least not yet.

National Results: Fans don’t like “Load Management” but get why

We had two national questions. First, how do fans feel about “load management” when teams rest various players to limit wear and tear? Then what should the NBA do about it?

In regard to the first question, nearly 44.5 percent of respondents said it “was a shame, but I get it” and about 38 percent had no problem with it. Only about 18 percent wanted some type of action done.

That leads us to the second question. What can the NBA do to limit “load management?” Under 10 percent of voters wanted teams to push stars to play every game. But over 40 percent wanted the NBA to cut the number of regular season games and a little under 50 percent wanted the league to eliminate back-to-backs.

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The NBA has already extended the season timeframe to limit back-to-backs and perhaps it should go even further. It’s also the most logical option. I don’t see reducing regular season games as an option. The NBA has a lot of TV revenue from those games, and reducing actual games will impact jobs in and around arenas.

So here’s a question I have on reducing games. If the season dropped from 82 games to 70 for example, how do teams make up the deficit? Let us know in the comments below...

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