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Breaking down the Wizards’ shootout loss to the Rockets last night

The Wizards’ offense was on fire for the most part, but late game rebounding and fouls cost them the game.

Watch highlights of the Wizards and Rockets game from Oct. 30 above (from FreeDawkins).

The Washington Wizards’ 159-158 loss to the Houston Rockets was the definition of a shootout. The two teams scored over 300 combined points in regulation!

For the most part, I was pleased with the Wizards despite the loss. You can watch the highlights above, but here are some things that stood out from the box score.

Stats of the Game: 17-7, 18-12 and 7-11

No, this isn’t the score of the Nationals’ World Series-clinching win against the Astros (it was 6-2 by the way). The stat 17-7 is the number of rebounds the Rockets had against the Wizards.

Next, 18-12 is the number of free throws the Rockets attempted against the Wizards. Free throws are also tied to the the 7-11 figure (and no it’s NOT the convenience store). The Rockets committed seven fouls in the fourth while the Wizards committed 11.

For the duration of this game, the Wizards were winning the field goal percentage game. They shot 62.6 percent from the field while Houston shot just 53.4 percent. Washington shot a slightly less hot 57.1 percent while Houston made 51.9 percent of their shots in the fourth.

But here’s the thing. The Wizards were dominated on the rebounds as Rockets guard Russell Westbrook grabbed EIGHT alone. And they committed more fouls, right at a time where they really shouldn’t. Washington wasn’t losing by two or three possessions with two minutes left in the game.

The last foul Issac Bonga committed on James Harden with two seconds left with the GAME TIED was ... questionable to me. But still, Washington was leading in fouls again...

Turnovers also changed the outcome

Again, the Wizards shot 62.6 percent in the game and the Rockets were nowhere close to that, though 53.4 percent is still very good. However, Washington committed 19 turnovers which turned into 26 points. Houston committed just 13 turnovers which turned into 14 Wizards points.

Washington would have won this game comfortably if they didn’t turn the ball over as much which makes this game disappointing as much as it is encouraging in other respects.

Every Wizards reserve scored double digits!

Troy Brown Jr., Isaiah Thomas, Moritz Wagner and Davis Bertans scored at least 12 points each coming off the bench last night. It’s just one game, but hopefully we’ll see consistent scoring from reserves all season long.

Bradley Beal is waking up from an early slump

The Wizards guard shot under 35 percent from the field in each of his first three games. But he scored 46 points on 14-of-20 shooting from the field AND drained 7-of-12 three pointers. Not a bad way to get out of a slump, right?

If the Wizards can shoot consistently like this, the wins will come

Washington just finished one of the toughest stretches of the season — and we’re just four games in! They have played solely against Western Conference teams, most of whom expect to make noise in the playoffs next spring. Despite the loss, the Wizards should be in good shape once the strength of schedule evens out in the weeks ahead.