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CJ Miles to join Capital City Go-Go on rehab assignment

The Wizards wing had surgery last July to repair a stress fracture on his left food. Justin Robinson was called up to the Wizards to take his place.

Washington Wizards Media Day
CJ Miles will be with the Capital City Go-Go for a little bit.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

CJ Miles has yet to play a game for the Washington Wizards. However, he has made enough progress from left foot surgery last July to start taking major reps. The team announced on Wednesday that he was assigned to the Capital City Go-Go while Justin Robinson was called up to the senior team.

As a long-time NBA veteran, Miles probably isn’t going to the G-League full-time. But some fans weren’t happy about the news. The Wizards then clarified that this is a rehab assignment.

The G League isn’t just a place where young players develop their skills for the senior team or the NBA in general. It’s also where veterans can agree to go there to get some gametime reps that they may not be able to get if such a team didn’t exist.

It will be interesting to see if Miles actually plays for the Go-Go in an actual game. Their regular season opener is on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. ET at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights when they play the Grand Rapids Drive.