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Bradley Beal is third place in player vote but 10th place in the fan vote for NBA All-Star Game

The Wizards guard will most likely be a reserve for the second consecutive time.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal was just 10th in the fan vote for Eastern Conference guards. But the players voted him in third place!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the NBA announced the final results of fan, player, and media voting for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game. Bradley Beal was 10th among Eastern Conference backcourt players with 346,027 votes. Beal also was fifth in the media voting where he received seven votes, and was third in the player vote with 62 votes.

Why aren’t NBA fans giving more love to Beal?

Regarding the fan vote, Beal is in a tough spot. He is not considered to be the Wizards’ top franchise player so perhaps his profile outside of Washington isn’t where John Wall’s is. But Beal’s game also doesn’t make the highlight reel like ... Kyrie Irving often does. Irving has the benefit of having bigger team fanbases than the Wizards.

Why do NBA players and media give Beal more love then?

Beal is enjoying a career season where he’s scoring 24.6 points and dishing 5 assists a game. He’s shooting a career-high 46.5 percent from the field overall since he’s taking more shots besides just three pointers. Also, I think players see Beal as one of the upstanding players in the NBA in general. He has stayed away from drama off the court and is producing for the Wizards when they need him most. Those things help get hi

Will Beal make the All-Star Game as a reserve?

Coaches get to pick the reserves on each team. If player and media voting is any indication, Beal will make his second consecutive appearance in the All-Star Game since these three groups are more likely to make picks based on merit rather than simple fandom.

More Wizards notes in All-Star Game voting

  • John Wall was 15th in fan voting and just 26th among players where only two players voted for him. While Wall has star power in the league with fans, the players didn’t seem to take that approach. Most likely, it’s his injury that kept him from being ranked higher, but fans still voted other guards in the Southeast Division like Goran Dragic (Heat) and Jeremy Lin (Hawks) above him.
  • Otto Porter was 83rd in the fan vote among Eastern Conference frontcourt players with 9,713. One NBA player voted for him. That’s very Meessemanesque because ... other Wizards frontcourt players outperformed him in fan AND player voting. Maybe it’s his injury, but I think Porter deserves more love.
  • Count Thomas Bryant as someone who gets more love than Porter. He had 13,848 fan votes which was 62nd place for the frontcourt. But to his credit, he had four votes from NBA players. That’s a positive testament to his development this year as the Wizards’ starting center.
  • Sam Dekker had more players (two) vote for him to the All-Star game than Porter. Dekker is actually having a good season off the bench, averaging 7.1 points and grabbing 3.3 rebounds a game for both the Wizards and earlier, the Cavaliers this season.
  • Tomas Satoransky was 60th in the fan vote among Eastern Conference guards with 10,643 votes.