Wizards SI Player Rankings

Now is the season for player rankings and projections, and I have seen a couple links floating around in the comments. I wanted to focus on one ranking in particular, SI's, and discuss what it means for those players and more importantly for the team.


Specifically I was curious how we matchup with the league, having 4 players ranked in the top 100. I actually narrowed this list down a little bit more to look at the top 75, who represent above average NBA starters. We still have 4, Dwight (#69), Otto (#42), Beal (#27), and Wall (#24).

Looking across the league, there are 9 teams that have at least 4 players who are above average starters. 4 teams have 5, Bos, GS, Phi, and Den surprisingly. Among these 5 remaining teams with 4 above average starters, Hou is clearly a superior team, their average player ranking is 24. But the other 4 teams are all right around us, with an average player ranking in the low 40's (we're ahead of NO and Utah and just behind Min). There are also a couple teams with only 3 players ranked who deserve mention, most notably Tor, Milw and OKC, but both Tor (33) and Milw (29) are close to our ranking (40), with one fewer player.

What does any of this mean? Not necessarily anything, but there is clearly a correlation between high end talent and team success, and it would appear that Was has top end talent that measures somewhere between 5-10 in the league. But we don't really appear to be getting top 10 love, let alone top 5 consideration. In the East in particular we look like a pretty clear #3, with Milw #4, but that also doesn't seem to be the general sentiment in Vegas or in other team rankings. Are we being undervalued?

Of course there are other factors, coaching, sum of the parts, and most importantly bench. I think only one bench player made the top 75, Will Barton, so that isn't captured at all in my top 75 ranking. But that would take another post to assess the bench. In the meantime, how would you rank our top end talent, given these rankings or other tools you prefer?

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