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Bradley Beal’s son is born!

Bradley Emmanuel Beal II was born on Monday.

On Monday, Bradley Beal and his girlfriend Kamiah Adams became parents. Bradley Emmanuel Beal II was born to the world!

Congratulations to the new parents!

Here are the things on my mind.

  1. Will Bradley II look more like mom or dad?
  2. What will Bradley II want to be when he grows up?
  3. Is Bradley Beal II a Belgian citizen? This is because Adams was born in Brussels. She may have Belgian citizenship if one of her parents is Belgian. If this is the case, assuming Bradley II represents a country for anything really, he could represent Belgium instead. If Bradley II is a basketball player and played for Belgium, he would play for the “Belgian Lions,” who made four straight EuroBasket appearances and came off a knockout stage appearance in the continental tournament in 2015.

Once again, let’s give a warm Congratulations to Brad and Kamiah, the newest parents in the #DCFamily!