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Washington Capitals win first Stanley Cup 40 years to the day after the Washington Bullets won their first title

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s over!

The Washington Capitals defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 on Thursday night to clinch their first Stanley Cup ever and Washington’s first title for one of the major four pro teams since 1992. It’s also the first title for Ted Leonsis and Monumental Sports.

Let’s take some time to appreciate some of the parallels between the Capitals’ title run and the Bullets’ title run in 1978.

  • Both teams clinched their title on June 7.
  • Both teams clinched on the road.
  • Both teams had to win a Game 7 on the road during their playoff run. The Bullets won a Game 7 in Seattle, the Caps had to win a Game 7 in Tampa Bay.
  • Both teams had to beat a team from Pennsylvania on the path to the title (76ers, Penguins).
  • Both teams won a game in Maryland. The Caps won outdoors in Annapolis, and the Bullets were still playing at Capital Centre in Landover back in 1978.
  • Both teams featured a former MVP who had played over a decade with the team (Wes Unseld, Alex Ovechkin).
  • Both teams broke through despite being less successful in the regular season than at other points in the past decade.

Congrats to the Caps. Hopefully the victory parade goes a little smoother than the Bullets’ parade went in 1978.