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The Wizards turned Tim Frazier into Brandon Jennings. Not in a good way.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer, the Wizards traded the 52nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft for Tim Frazier, who turned 27 in November. He was brought in to replace a 27-year-old Brandon Jennings, and did it quite well, if the end goal was to find someone who produced at nearly the exact same level as Jennings:

Frazier was more effective shooting the ball, and a little less effective distributing it, but otherwise they were essentially the same player. What’s even more interesting is they posted similar numbers before they arrived in Washington:

We mention this only to point out the Wizards seem to have a type when it comes to backup point guards. Whether it’s these two, Ramon Sessions, Ty Lawson, Trey Burke, Jannero Pargo, or Eric Maynor, the team seems to value speedy, high-usage point guards. Sometimes it works (Sessions was fine, Lawson had a decent playoff run), but more times than not they go on a slide as soon as they arrive in Washington.

This has been an issue from Saunders to Wittman to Brooks, so you can’t blame a system, but clearly, Washington isn’t getting what they want when they go after these players. We’ll see this summer if they try the same strategy again, or if this is the year they try to break the mold in hopes of getting better results.