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Someone paid almost $50,000 for a Michael Jordan Wizards jersey for some reason

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Michael Jordan

Earlier this week, a game-worn jersey from Michael Jordan’s final NBA season went on auction and fetched a final bid of $47,872.50, which frankly, seems a bit absurd. Yeah, I get that it’s Michael Jordan and as Matt Bonesteel detailed in the Washington Post, authenticated Jordan jerseys are very rare, which drives up the value of anything that hits the auction block.

That said—and this hurts to say as someone with a deep respect and appreciation for the Jordan era in Washington—it’s just a Michael Jordan Wizards jersey. What are you going to do with it? Hang it up? If you’ve got $47,872.50 to blow on a Jordan Wizards jersey, you’ve probably bought even more expensive stuff that’s more interesting to show off.

So who would actually pay that much money for a Wizards jersey with Michael Jordan’s old man sweat on it? Here are a few guesses: