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Top Stories of the Week: The Mystics lead the WNBA standings while the Wizards begin draft workouts

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

ariel atkins washington mystics Stewart W. Small

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Here are the top stories of the week as we head into the first unofficial week of summer.

The Mystics are leading the WNBA standings

The WNBA is just a week old, but the Mystics are leading the WNBA standings with a 4-0 record. Their most recent win came against the Lynx on Sunday which was a 90-78 affair.

Though the Mystics beat the Lynx, they started in their first three games against teams that made the lottery last season. Two of those wins were against the Indiana Fever, a team many predict will be the worst this season. If the Mystics beat everyone by double digits, I would be more excited about it. But they failed to beat any team by double digits and had to climb out of early deficits in each of their last two games. Still, four wins are four wins. I’ll take that any day.

The players who I am most impressed with so far are Tianna Hawkins, whose three point stroke is really coming along, and Ariel Atkins who has been a big boost off the bench for Washington on both ends of the floor.

The Wizards begin draft workouts

In the last two seasons, the Wizards’ draft workouts seemed to be going through the motions because they had no draft picks thanks to midseason trades and the like. But they started holding workouts this week with players who could be drafted in a Washington uniform next month:

The point of these workouts take on a more significant meaning — even for the players who probably won’t get drafted. They are looking for players who could be on the G-League’s Capital City Go-Go next season, in particular for Thursday’s players.

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That’s all I have for Memorial Day Monday. Enjoy the rest of your long weekends everyone!