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John Wall sports new left shoulder tattoo at Mystics game

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The Wizards star showed off some new ink at Capital One Arena on Sunday.

Last Sunday, John Wall was in attendance for the Mystics’ season opening win over the Indiana Fever.

He also showed off his new left shoulder and upper arm tattoo in a photo with Wizards and Mystics TV analyst Christy Winters-Scott:

This isn’t the first time we saw Wall with the new tattoo. He was also shirtless next to David “Flave” Best, one of his friends and his bodyguard last week.

Flex up Flex up on a hater !! #5Deep #WallWay #DCFamily #WolfWall

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Since Wall is already hitting the gym in an offseason that started just a bit too early, let’s hope he’s in better shape when training camp starts this fall.