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Bradley Beal and his girlfriend Kamiah Adams are having a baby


On Tuesday, Bradley Beal’s girlfriend Kamiah Adams announced that she and Beal are having a baby.

Adams is an Instagram model and entrepreneur. Adams was born in Brussels, Belgium in March 1993, but raised in California for most of her childhood. She endorses a number of products, including for 310 Nutrition and XO, her own line of hair extensions and beauty products.

Congratulations Bradley and Kamiah!

UPDATE at 8:25 p.m. ET: Beal also released an Instagram post almost at the same time Adams did. The picture is the same but here is the quote:

As we patiently await for your arrival, I reflect about how excited I am! It’s cliche but words really can’t explain it. The affect and changes you’ve made in my life have not only been great, but necessary! Different emotions, new perspectives, maturity level, the list goes on and on. @kamiahadams and I promise to love you, protect you, teach you, support you, respect you, and be the best parents we can possibly be!

I love you,Pops..“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.”(Psalm 127:3)

Ps: Ya bighead mama just hit me upside the head. Tonight, give her the two piece jab to the ribs, then BOOM left kick to the spleen! You do this, first baby bottle on me.

It is also unclear whether Adams has Belgian citizenship since she was born in Belgium. Unlike the United States, Belgium does not give citizenship to everyone born there. Regardless, someone give our favorite Ieperling a call!