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Nike and Converse honoring Wes Unseld’s 1978 NBA Finals performance with retro shoe release

Wes Unseld solidified his legacy with the Washington Bullets and the NBA with his play and leadership during the Bullets’ 1978 title run. Now, that play will be recognized by Nike and Converse with a Converse Star Player Ox retro in Unseld’s honor as part of Nike’s “Art of a Champion” collection.

Nike is retro-ing 16 different shoes to honor iconic runs from the best players in league history. Unseld wore the Player Ox during the Bullets’ final run. This newest version comes equipped in Bullets colors with a white base on a canvas upper, a blue star and a red border — your classic converse silhouette.

Unseld never had a signature shoe — that wasn’t a phenomenon until far after he retired. But it’s nice to see Unseld getting a bit of respect 40 years later in the form of a classic shoe.