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Ted Leonsis says he’s ‘disappointed’ by Wizards’ first round exit but says team has ‘the pieces’ to be title contender

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AWXII - Day 4 Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images for AWXII

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis took to his blog on Saturday afternoon to share his thoughts on the state of the team after their first round loss to the Raptors.

Early in his post, he says he was “disappointed” with how the season played out, but he also highlights some areas he was proud of this season:

While the team’s inconsistency was sometimes frustrating to watch, I am extremely proud of their perseverance. They overcame their star player being out for 41 games and still found a way to win. Bradley Beal was recognized as an All-Star in his own right. Kelly Oubre and Tomas Satoransky were incredibly effective off the bench and showed that they can contribute at a high level. Otto Porter fought through injury and continued to compete in this Toronto series and we wish him a speedy recovery.

He also stated he thinks the Wizards have the pieces to win a championship and they’ll use the offseason to “assess what we can do to achieve the full potential that we see in this team.”

If you were hoping to see big, sweeping changes this offseason, Leonsis’ note doesn’t inspire much hope. Clearly, he thinks the team’s core has unfulfilled potential and the core pieces in place to make a title run.

The big question then is, who exactly comprises the core of the team? The paragraph quoted above seems like a pretty good hint. He had nice things to say directly or indirectly about John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre, and Tomas Satoransky. But hey, you probably didn’t need to read between the lines on a Leonsis blog post to figure out they’re the players worth keeping.

The problem with that approach is it’s going to be hard to make substantial improvements only using the stuff you don’t want to keep. There’s a reason why yard sales usually aren’t big profit-turners. Maybe you get lucky and someone overpays for something, but most of the time you wind up right back where you were the following year, hoping this is the year you get lucky.