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Wizards vlogger Joseph Turner critiques Game 6 loss to Raptors, criticizes the team’s commitment to effort

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No yelling. It’s just disappointment.

The Wizards lost Game 6 to the Raptors on Friday. Joseph Turner has given fans post game videos to critique or praise past performances soon after the final buzzer. Here is his final video for the season.

The video is just 2:20 and the end is cut off, but here’s the synopsis:

  • There was way too little ball movement in Game 4. John Wall and Bradley Beal were called out for “dribbling the ball for 18 seconds each.
  • The fourth quarter effort was “piss poor” as Toronto closed the deal. As a matter of fact, the whole season’s effort was “piss poor.”
  • I think Turner was a bit too tough on Otto Porter for playing despite an injured left calf in Game 1. Players want to play. They’ll often do so to a fault. But I do agree with that Porter’s injury should have been called earlier so more players could get time to contribute.

I enjoyed watching Turner’s videos during the playoffs and want to see them continue next season. Keep up the good work!