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Wizards vlogger Joseph Turner calls out Otto Porter’s defense and team turnovers in Game 5 loss

It’s do or die time folks.

Wizards vlogger Joseph Turner gave his post game analysis after Game 5, when the Wizards lost, 108-98 to the Raptors. You can see his Twitter video above:

His talking points:

  • Otto Porter played poor defense off the ball.
  • Markieff Morris didn’t show the “goon” out of him.
  • Delon Wright played harder than many Wizards.
  • The turnovers were bad.

Turner wasn’t screaming at the camera, and really, there isn’t any need to at this point. It’s obvious what the Wizards have to do to stay alive. They have to win on Friday at home and win again on Sunday, April 29 to advance to the second round.