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John Wall continues to stay in form in Game 4 with 27 point performance

He even made a powerful dunk in the first quarter.

John Wall scored 27 points and 14 assists in Game 4 for the Wizards in their 106-98 win over the Raptors. You can watch his highlights in the video above from House of Highlights’ YouTube channel.

Like he did in Game 3, Wall “stuck to basics,” focusing on driving to the rim when taking his shots. Wall wasn’t quite as efficient in Game 4 like he was in Game 3 — he shot just 10 of 24 last night.

But Wall stayed true and wasn’t afraid to dunk twice on Jonas Valanciunas early in the gam:, the guy who’s given Marcin Gortat fits in the first two game of this series.

Here’s dunk one. And here’s dunk two. It wasn’t quite as emphatic, but Wall still managed to get it in there.

After watching Wall’s performances these last couple games, it looks like he’s back to his good old self after missing two months due to knee ailments.