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Watch our game celebration video featuring Wale before he broke out

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Before Wale was big on the rap scene, he was involved in Go-Go music as well!

You may be aware that we often post a video featuring Winnie the Pooh on our Twitter account after a Wizards win.

But sometimes, we like to mix things up a little. After the Wizards’ Game 4 win over the Raptors, we posted a video featuring Go-Go band TOB and rapper Wale ... before Wale released “Chillin’,” his first major hit on the pop charts with Lady Gaga.

The video itself features TOB, one of D.C.’s top Go-Go bands and Wale before he became a well known rapper in his own right. We don’t mean to be self-serving, but Wale himself noticed:

There’s another reason why we posted a Go-Go video. It’s in commemoration of the life of Rory “DC” Felton. Felton founded Go-Go band Rare Essence. And this is one of their most notable songs, “Overnight Scenario” back in the 1990’s.

Going back to Felton, he was stabbed to death last Friday, just days before his 58th birthday.

It’s unclear what the motive was behind DC’s death. But regardless, one of Washington D.C.’s local musical talents definitely went away too soon. Hopefully, they’ll find whoever was responsible for Felton’s death.

Rest in Peace DC. We hope you’re just as happy as we are with the Wizards’ two playoff wins last weekend.