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Wizards vlogger Joseph Turner is pumped after Game 4 win and shaking Stephen A. Smith’s hand

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For selfish purposes, I should just post his videos up after every game, right? :P

Last Tuesday, the Wizards were down 2-0 to the Raptors in their playoff series. Things looked quite bad to be honest with you. Wizards vlogger Joseph Turner gave a wake up call that was as angry as any group of fans out there. But he kept it PG. As an assistant high school boys basketball coach, he’s certainly mastered that.

But since that rant, the Wizards have evened up the series to two games a piece. In fact, the Wizards more or less have homecourt advantage once again. If they win Game 5 on Wednesday, they’ll have a chance to take care of the series in Game 6 and move to the second round.

But first things first. What did Turner do?

First, he went to the game, like 20,000 other fans in the D.C. area who wanted to see Game 4 on Sunday evening.

So, he went to the game and shook ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith’s hand.

So Joe, do you have a pic? Either way, the Wizards won, so that delayed the launch of Turner’s latest video. So here it is below:

Here were his talking points besides being happy about John Wall and Bradley Beal:

  • Turner was glad to see Otto Porter step up once Beal had to sit out the last five minutes due to fouling out.
  • If someone did a 180 from being an anti-Marcin Gortat Wizards fan to a Gortat fanatic, it’s this guy. But really, Turner was glad to see that the Polish Machine still scored 12 points on 6 of 8 shooting and grabbing 6 rebounds in the win.

If there’s anything we learned this past weekend, it’s that the Wizards were not going to quietly into the night ... at least at home. Hopefully, we’ll see another spirited performance this Wednesday so the Wizards can grab all the momentum in this series.