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John Wall’s block of Lucas Nogueira was pretty great

There will be plenty of bad moments from Game 2 to talk about, but let’s talk about one of the few bright spots: John Wall’s brilliant block of Lucas Nogueira that set up Ty Lawson for a three on the other end.

The Wizards went small in the second half to cut their way back into the game, and a key part of the success was how that lineup allowed John Wall to play more of a roaming free safety role where he can block shots and cut off passing lanes. There are still other kinks to work out with that kind of lineup (as evidenced by their struggles closing the game) but there were some glimmers of hope there.

Hopefully they can figure out a way to utilize it more in Game 3, because otherwise, the Wizards just don’t have a lot in terms of rim protection. Through the first two games of the series, Wall has three blocks. No other Wizard has more than one.