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Maria Vadeeva expects to be picked 7th or 8th in the 2018 WNBA Draft, according to herself

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She wrote a post on Instagram that may indicate where she thinks she will play or where she wants to play this summer.

UPDATE: Vadeeva was picked 11th to the Sparks. The original post is below:

Tonight, the Mystics will pick seventh in the WNBA Draft which is at 7 p.m. We have absolutely no idea which player the Mystics will pick, but the Mystics are leaning toward someone on the wing.

However, Maria Vadeeva, a Russian 19 year old center for Dynamo Kursk in the Russian PBL and EuroLeague Women, expressed on Instagram that she expects to go 7th or 8th (based on translations from Russian).

The original Instagram post is here in Russian:

Mike Thibault has said time and time again that he is leaning toward selecting a wing player. It is true that they aren’t particularly weak at the small forward and shooting guard positions, but they aren’t particularly strong either. But he has drafted international prospects before.

The Fever have the 8th pick. Their head coach, Pokey Chatman is familiar with Vadeeva because she was the head coach of Spartak Vidnoje from 2009-13, and is familiar with her, though it doesn’t appear that she coached Vadeeva.

Either way, we’ll see soon whether this is true or just noise.