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Phil Chenier’s number retirement ceremony was worth the wait

Phil Chenier, Washington’s most permanent basketball fixture, was finally rewarded with an permanent tribute on Friday night.

Washington has developed a reputation over the years where great players pass through—like Michael Jordan, Paul Pierce, and Moses Malone—but rarely stick around. Chenier is one of the rare and pleasant exceptions. He’s more or less been a part of the franchise in one way or another since 1971 as a player, announcer, or ambassador for the team.

He may not have the Hall of Fame credentials the other players in the Capital One Arena rafter have, and others may have accomplished more in a Bullets uniform than him, but no one has done more for the franchise than Chenier.

People outside the Wizards’ fanbase may not understand why he’s up in the rafters, but that’s their loss. Phil Chenier’s NBA legacy is all ours, and it always will be.