2018 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Khyri Thomas

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Editor's Note, by rook6980: This is the second installment in a series of regular postings on draft prospects. This series will take a look at the top draft prospects for the 2018 NBA Draft in June. The plan is to have one or two a week, leading up to a flurry of activity the week of the draft.

Khyri Thomas

Age at time of draft





6’3" (with shoes)


210 lbs



Average Mock Draft rank


Pro-player comparison

A better shooting Tony Allen

In the modern NBA, teams are always looking for two-way wings that can shut down their individual opponent, switch on defense, play multiple positions, and knock down shots. They are more precious than gold to an NBA Coach. Khyri Thomas could be a player that fits that mold.

Khyri Thomas among the best perimeter defenders in college basketball. Certainly Thomas, along with West Virginia's Jevon Carter and Villanova's Mikal Bridges, is in the conversation for best defender. It all starts with his physical attributes. Khyri Thomas is a 6’3" guard with a huge 6’10" wingspan (some sites report 6’11" wingspan). His physical profile is very similar to Tony Allen (6’4", 215 lbs, with 6’9" wingspan). That length, along with elite lateral quickness, speed, agility, strength, and quick hands allows him to frustrate and harass opposing ball handlers. He has excellent anticipation and instincts; and as a result he generates steals and turnovers. His length and strength also allows him to defend bigger players.

Some things I noticed while watching him against Villanova (4 forced turnovers, 0 steals), Seton Hall (2 forced turnovers, 1 steal), and Georgetown (4 forced turnovers, 3 steals) is that while he forced turnovers and generated steals, he never really gambled. You didn’t see him get beat and try that John Wall patented swipe from behind steal attempt. As a matter of fact, he rarely got beat in an individual matchup. So while his steal stats (1.5 steals per game) may not jump off the page, he’s generating those steals and turnovers that lead to extra possessions, while still playing good positional defense.

Some other observations: He sprints back on defense on every play. He is always in a defensive stance. He plays defense with energy and intensity, and he helps out on the boards (I never saw him leak out early before his team secured the rebound).

On offense, Thomas is a very good spot-up shooter. When his feet are set, and he has room, he’s a deadly shooter. He is especially good shooting the corner three. He shot over 50% from the field, and over 40% from three in his career at Creighton. He’s at 43% from three this year. He’s an excellent Free Throw shooter, coming in at 83% so far this year. He’s also very good in transition and makes timely cuts for easy baskets. He can attack closeouts with straight line drives and has a nice floater he uses in the lane. He’s an unselfish player that moves the ball and makes smart passes - and he doesn’t force anything on offense.

Thomas does have his offensive limitations, however. He is not a good a shooter on the move, or coming off screens, and he needs to work on his decision making as the pick-and-roll ball handler. He hasn’t shown much of an ability to create shots for himself or others. He has difficulty finishing through contact in the lane and doesn’t really have a mid-range game.


  • Defense - This is his calling card, and what he will immediately bring to the team that drafts him. Potential lockdown defender. Excellent on ball; Good instincts, great hands.
  • Spot up shooting - Career 40% three-point shooter; Very good spot-up shooter.
  • Length - Has plus wingspan (6'10") that allows him to play bigger than his listed 6’3" height.
  • Versatile - Scores on spot ups, slashing, transition. Efficient scorer (64% True shooting %)
  • Strength - Good, strong NBA ready body.
  • Athleticism - Not an exceptional jumper, but a quick first step. Agile, fluid, fast and coordinated.
  • Passing - Good passing instincts. Makes the right pass. Moves the ball.
  • Ball handling - Good ball handler. Excellent footwork. Has some advanced dribble moves.
  • Basketball IQ - Good feel for the game. Knows where the right play is and when to make it.


  • Size - A bit undersized for shooting guard, but somewhat makes up for it with exceptional wingspan.
  • Age - At 22, is older than most others in the draft; less upside.
  • Position question - Not a pure Point, but more of a combo guard or undersized Shooting Guard.
  • Mid-range - Adding a mid-range pull up jump shot would help diversify his game
  • Shooting off the dribble - Needs to work on shooting on the move and off screens.
  • Pick & Roll - Must improve decision making out of P&R.

While he’s unlikely to become a star, Khyri Thomas could become a valuable rotation player - sooner rather than later. He will undoubtedly be drafted in the first round. Three-position defenders who can space the floor are valued in today’s NBA. And this year, in a weak guard draft, Thomas is one of the best available. His range of skills should be able to mesh well with a wide range of backcourt teammates.

I think he would fit well with the Wizards. He could play on the second unit as the Shooting Guard with Satoransky at the point. With his ability to knock down open shots, Khyri Thomas could certainly play as Beal’s back up with John Wall at the point. Or he could play SG with Bradley Beal playing the point, or with both John and Brad in three guard lineups with Khyri Thomas guarding the opposing SF. I am less inclined to believe he could run the point, but his ability to hit open shots, and defend the perimeter would certainly be an asset to the club.

If Khyri Thomas is available when the Wizards pick, they should seriously consider drafting him.

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