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NBA Free Agency: Wizards “seriously” considering signing Ty Lawson, according to report

Beijing Ducks v Shandong Hi-Speed - 2017/2018 CBA League Photo by XIN LI/Getty Images

The Wizards have been mulling their options at point guard over the past weekend. Though it’s unlikely that Derrick Rose is a priority and that they have multiple point guards as it is, Tim Frazier’s and Tomas Satoransky’s injuries last Saturday change things somewhat.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN on Monday, Washington is considering bringing in free agent point guard Ty Lawson:

Lawson played in the NBA from 2009-2017 where he played for the Nuggets (2009-15) and then spent time with the Rockets, Pacers, and Kings in the last two NBA seasons (2015-2017). He averaged 12.7 points and 6 assists per game in his career, while Lawson’s best performances were with the Nuggets in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons. However, his last two seasons in the league were forgettable.

This season, Lawson is playing for the Shandong Hi-Speed Golden Stars in the Chinese Basketball Association. He averaged 25.8 points and 6.6 assists in 36 games, starting in just five of those contests. The CBA Playoffs begin in March, after the playoff waiver deadline of March 1. But he could always leave early if an NBA team signs him.

However, because Lawson didn’t play in the NBA this season, this rule doesn’t not apply to Lawson. That would allow him to play in the CBA Playoffs, and return to the NBA just for the postseason. As a point of reference, Tracy McGrady signed with the Spurs in April 2013 and was able to play in the NBA Playoffs because he didn’t play in the NBA until April. McGrady also played in the CBA during the 2012-13 season.

Lawson is just 30 years old, so he’s a veteran, but not past his prime. And Lawson’s from Clinton, Maryland, which is in Southeastern Prince George’s County. He certainly can provide a boost on the bench for the Wizards, and he’s shown that he can put up big numbers in the NBA. However, I’m not sure whether Lawson will make things harder for Satoransky and his development. And finally, I’m not sure how he fits in with John Wall once he returns from injury.