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Wizards at Pacers GameThread

Another back to back for the Wizards, just in time for the Christmas holiday!

NBA: Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers
Bradley Beal is tired but won’t back down today.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards play the Pacers tonight at 5 p.m. EST on the road. You can watch the game on NBC Sports Washington, or listen on the radio through Federal News Radio 1500 AM. If you have a smartphone, listen to the game on the Wizards mobile app.

This is a back to back that comes right before the Christmas holiday which is on Tuesday. After tonight’s game, the Wizards will not play again until Wednesday when they travel to Detroit to play the Pistons. And after the Wizards’ triple overtime win last night, hopefully they can dig deep and sneak out with a win.

The Pacers are among the leaders in the playoff pack while the Wizards remain on the outside looking in. I don’t have to keep repeating this over and over again. But the Wizards need to win this game to claw back to .500 and get in the conversation for the playoffs. They also can’t afford to just “be in contention” for the playoffs either. That time passed a long time ago and Ben Mehic noted that quite accurately earlier this weekend.

If Wall figures to prove Ben’s piece wrong, the Wizards are going to have to do something huge, even like going on what would be a franchise-record ten game win streak. Most teams have done it at some point during their best eras,. The Wizards still haven’t, even during their heyday in the 1970’s.

That’s enough rambling on a Sunday. Go Wizards.