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Should the Wizards wear Bullets throwback jerseys in future seasons?

The Wizards’ newest “Earned Edition” jerseys look very similar to the Bullets’ road jerseys in the 1990’s. It’s a good idea to bring them back.

Chris Webber and Juwan Howard are wearing Bullets jerseys that look very similar to this year’s “Earned” jersey.
NBA/Getty Images

The Wizards released their new “Earned Edition” jerseys on Wednesday. They are essentially a red version of their “Rep the District” jerseys that came out in white last season and black this season. As mentioned in yesterday’s piece, they look very similar to the Bullets’ 1990’s road jerseys.

That leads me to a question: Should the Wizards release a Bullets throwback jersey that the players wear on the court in future seasons?

There are several reasons why this makes sense but I will just touch on three of them. First, the jerseys are likely to resonate with many fans who still identify more with the Wizards franchise as the Bullets during their glory days in the 1970’s. And second, the Wizards’ current jerseys and wordmarks are already a modern twist on the Bullets during that time. And third, the jerseys should sell very well.

I don’t mind seeing the Wizards wearing a Bullets jersey on a retro night. The team has had several retro nights where the team wore alternate jerseys but ultimately didn’t wear “Bullets” on their chests. And perhaps it’s best to honor the past by wearing uniforms that reflect that.

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