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Wizards unveil ‘Earned Edition’ red uniforms with District wordmark

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The NBA and Nike released special ‘Earned’ uniforms on Friday for each team that made the playoffs last season, including the Wizards.

Like all the other uniforms in this collection, the Wizards’ uniform follows the pattern of one of their pre-existing uniforms and switches up the color scheme. Now, the Wizards have a red version of their District uniform, to go along with the white version they wore this season and the black version they’re wearing this season.

The Wizards will wear these jerseys six times this season, according to their jersey schedule.

It would have been nice to see another original design, but every other team getting these uniforms can make that gripe. Until the NBA finally lets the Wizards do a throwback of their 90’s uniforms, this is probably the closest we’ll get to seeing those Kool-Aid red uniforms Chris Webber and Juwan Howard wore back in the day so we’ll take it for now.