Thoughts from the Capital City Go-Go's opener

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Hi everyone, I manage The UConn Blog (that's what it's called) on SB Nation and also do some freelancing in DC for Washington City Paper -- for whom I've been covering the Go-Go...

I'm focusing more on storylines and features for WCP, but since there are probably people here who care about the action on the court a little bit more than the average reader, I thought I'd post those here:

Devin Robinson and Chasson Randle were a cut above the rest. Have to imagine both will see time for the Wizards or some NBA team across this season. Robinson will probably be the best athlete on the floor every time out in the G League. Hopefully, the Go-Go staff can get him to make smarter decisions to maximize his ability.

HC Jarrell Christian on Robinson: "He’s fearless… I just want him to continue to be aggressive."

Randle is a great fit for small ball lineups as an off the ball scorer who can also create. He dropped 37 Saturday night while Robinson went for 24 and 10.

Christian on Randle: "He’s a guy that can get a basket if we need it, he can get into the paint ... He’s a special player as you guys can see… so he’s definitely one of the leaders of our squad."

PG Chris Chiozza on Randle: "He’s a smart player, he makes the game easy so when I’m out there with him I don’t have to worry about bringing the ball up the court … he’s a little bit more aggressive than me, likes to score more… it’s a good combination to have."

Chris Chiozza is another player to keep an eye on, he's a capable point guard in the classic facilitator mold who definitely has some upside. He scored six points while dishing 10 assists and grabbing 13 rebounds. Head coach Christian on the rookie from Florida:

"He plays with a lot of pace. But in order to do that you’ve got to get stops... It’s tough for a lot of rookies, to figure out that balance. I just thought he did a great job of running the team."

Kellen Dunham from Butler could make a niche for himself as a spot up shooter.

Beyond these guys, Darel Poirier is a developmental prospect from France who'll be eligible in the 2019 NBA Draft. He'll be an interesting one to watch across this season even though his debut was a quiet one.

Randle on playing with Chiozza and goals for the team:

"I was fortunate enough to play with [Chiozza] during the preseason, we were in the purple squad, he’s a great guard, definitely very talented, he’s helped me get better throughout these last 8 days.

"We want to play with pace, we want to be a great defensive team, but we’ve got a lot of room for improvement. We have a chance to learn we have a chance to grow, and that’s what the G League’s about: getting better and taking the next step.

"To be honest, the talent level (in the G League) has always been great… it’s a fun game, I’m enjoying every step of the way."

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