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Wizards vs. Magic GameThread

Orlando Magic v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The Wizards are starting a five game home stand this week and hope to make the most of it. Today, they’ll play the Orlando Magic, just a few days after playing them last Friday.

Watch the game on NBC Sports Washington. Listen to it on Federal News Radio 1500 AM and the Wizards mobile app.

This home stand will be a make or break stretch for the Wizards as they look to get back on track. The first three games will be against teams that are all under .500 while the last two games are against Western Conference opponents who Washington should be able to defeat if they can play in better form as the week goes on.

Hopefully, Washington can get it together so we won’t have more negatively tinged stories throughout the week. No one likes reading those, especially as we head toward Thanksgiving next week.

So with that being said, Happy Veterans Day to our active and retired military! And Go Wizards!