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“We could make it work” should be the Wizards’ battle cry this season

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Comic-Con International 2018 - Universal Pictures’ ‘Glass’ And ‘Halloween’ Panels Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last week, John Wall did an interview with Chick Hernandez of The Athletic that covered a wide range of topics, including who John Wall would want to play him in a movie.

JW: See, one of my favorite actors is Bruce Willis.

CH: I don’t think Bruce Willis can play you.

JW: He could. We could make it work.

There’s just something about the phrase “We could make it work” that resonates with me on a deep, personal level. When you say it, you’re conceding it’s not an ideal situation, but you’re still optimistic about the future. You’re realistic enough to see that it may not be great, it may not even be good, but it’s workable. You’ll be able to go out there and feel good about things slightly more often than you feel bad about things.

And let’s face it, if there’s a player that “We could make it work” resonates with, it’s probably John Wall. Every year, it’s like he has to play a basketball version of “Chopped” and make a gourmet meal out of Brussels sprouts, goat liver, candy corn, and vegemite. He’s never been in the ideal situation, but he makes the most of what he has. He understands “We could make it work” in a way most of us never will.

The best thing about the “We could make it work” mantra is that there’s that slight air of defiance in it. It’s the acceptance of a challenge. It’s the arrogance that makes you want to go out and cast 63-year-old Bruce Willis to play you in a movie just to say you did it. Because yeah, people will say you’re crazy for bringing in an aging star to who’s been known to ruffle feathers and may not make sense in the role they’re being asked to play, but you’re not gonna let the haters who laugh at your idea get you down.

You know why?



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