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Daily Digits: Getting the Green light to shoot from deep

NBA: Preseason-New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Daily Digits is a new daily feature we’re doing at Bullets Forever this year where we take a look at a stat about the Wizards. We’ll dive into the numbers, add some context, and discuss how it affects the product on the court.

Today’s stat is the number of Wizards who did not attempt a three in Monday’s loss to the Knicks, which is...


Washington hoisted 38 threes in their preseason opener against the Knicks, which would have tied the second-most they attempted all of last season. Five of those shots came in overtime, but even if you go with the 33 they shot in regulation, it’s still well above average for a team that only averaged 26.5 threes per game last season.

Beyond the volume, the unique thing about the Wizards’ shooting last night was that almost everyone got in on the action. The only two players who did not attempt a three in Monday’s game were Devin Robinson and Jeff Green.

Robinson isn’t surprising. Even though he shot the ball well from deep in the G-League last season, he’s still trying to find his way around in the NBA. Green is much more interesting because he’s expected to fill a role in the rotation this season, and he’s replacing Mike Scott, whose ability to space the floor was a key part of the bench’s success last season.

It’s just one preseason game, but Green’s performance wasn’t all that abnormal from last season. He took 8 shots in 23 minutes on Monday night. He averaged 7.9 shots in 23.4 minutes per game with Cleveland last season. The only difference is that on average 2.2 of those attempts were threes last season.

Of course, Green will get shots with time, but his ability to take and make threes will play a critical part in his success and the bench’s success this season. If his plus/minus tells us anything—he was a team-worst -10 on Monday—it’s going to be hard for Washington to get the offense they need if he isn’t drawing the defense outside.