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Kristi Toliver talks about joining the Wizards coaching staff

Coach T, Scott Brooks, and Bradley Beal talk about yesterday’s announcement.

Wizards assistant coach Kristi Toliver spoke with media on Monday after being named to the team. You can watch the video below:

In it, Toliver mentioned that she is honored to be in the NBA, especially with her hometown team. Second, she will talk to Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon for mentoring.

Third, she intends on continuing her WNBA career with the Mystics.

Bradley Beal also said that Toliver isn’t afraid to pull him aside and that she’s “harder on him” than other coaches. He also mentioned that Toliver won a WNBA championship (with the Sparks and made the Finals with the Mystics last year) while the Wizards haven’t made it that far just yet.

And the man who hired Toliver, Scott Brooks also had more where he reiterated that she was someone he wanted to target when he had coaching vacancies this past summer.

It’s great to see that Wizards players and management are happy to see that Toliver is now part of the team. Like Becky Hammon in 2014 when she started with the Spurs, Toliver will be one of the coaches sitting in the second row of the Wizards’ bench. But with hard work, it may not be very long until we see her coaching from the front row as an assistant or head coach.